Oct 1 2011

New Machu Picchu and Peru Photos Coming Soon

I just got back from a trip to Peru. While I was there I saw several Inca ruins including Machu Picchu. I was fortunate to be there for two exceptional days including one stormy afternoon with dark skies surrounding Machu Picchu with the sun shinning on the ruins. The next morning I witnessed the mist, fog and clouds slowly reveal the amazing site of Machu Picchu. Please check back soon as these pictures will soon be available.

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Sep 12 2011

New Website

Brilliant World Photography’s website has been re-designed and new photos have been uploaded. Please check it out at BrilliantWorldPhotography.com

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Jul 15 2011

HDR – Denver

This is a location in Denver I have wanted to shoot the Denver Cityscape for a long time. Now that I am getting into HDR I thought this would be the perfect location to try out some HDR shots. This shot however happened as I finished up shooting the city scape and headed back to my car and I saw this big neon sign with the dramatic sky above. Please check out the rest of this gallery by clicking on the link below. More images will be added soon to this gallery.

HDR-Denver Gallery

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May 16 2011

New Mexico

This was one of my favorite galleries and shots. The isolation of this place I tried to capture though these photos. The dirt road to get there was long and slow, with nothing in site for an hour. When I arrived I saw one Jeep pull into this area, then within minutes it turned around and headed out . I stayed for several hours enjoying and photographing the serenity, the uniqueness of this landscape, while wondering if my Subaru had what it takes for me to eventually leave… Please check out the rest of the gallery by clicking on the link below.

New Mexico Gallery

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May 11 2011


This photo was taking looking up in a slot canyon of Arizona, while on a road trip phtographing Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. The way the light reflects off the walls that has been eroded away from water, to create depth and definition of the sandstone walls is brilliant. It is truly an otherworldly and a spiritual place to be.

Arizona Gallery

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Dec 15 2010

Photography Bucket List

Some of my favorite photos I have taken are the ones that can not be planned, but with all the discussions, show and movies about bucket lists it got me to thinking about a photography bucket list and what mine would look like.  Here are some items on my photography bucket list.  What is on yours?  Have you accomplished any of them?  Share your photos?

A blue sky day in Antarctica with ice floats and penguins

Northern lights from Alaska and Iceland

A panning shot of a bird in flight with the background blurred and the bird sharp

Forrest filled with mist.

Ocean with mist

A Great shot of the floating markets of Thailand

Night City shots in NYC

Great action shot of a large animal in motion

A damp morning at Angkor Wat just after it rained

Pristine mountain wilderness shot right after a snow storm taken during a full moon

Great action shots of sports – perhaps half pipe skiing or snowboarding

Halong bay with limestone karsts and junk boats

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Dec 29 2009

Become a Fan of Brillant World Photography on Facebook

Brilliant World Photography is now on Facebook. Become a fan at:

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Dec 29 2009

October Photo

Monteverde Yellow Flower in Costa Rica

In the Monteverde Cloud Forrest everything was so lush and green. To my surprise the flowers there were small and delicate. This was one of the larger flowers I saw there. The crisp dainty yellow on the black background makes this a strong image. These little delicate flowers left me wondering how they could survive any big rainstorms.
Costa Rica 2009

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Oct 8 2009


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Sep 30 2009

Alaska 2009 Gallery

Practically a Sleeping Grizzly

This Grizzley bear was practially asleep on this log. His head was so heavy he could barely change his head to the other side of the log.
Alaska 2009

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