Dec 15 2010

Photography Bucket List

Some of my favorite photos I have taken are the ones that can not be planned, but with all the discussions, show and movies about bucket lists it got me to thinking about a photography bucket list and what mine would look like.  Here are some items on my photography bucket list.  What is on yours?  Have you accomplished any of them?  Share your photos?

A blue sky day in Antarctica with ice floats and penguins

Northern lights from Alaska and Iceland

A panning shot of a bird in flight with the background blurred and the bird sharp

Forrest filled with mist.

Ocean with mist

A Great shot of the floating markets of Thailand

Night City shots in NYC

Great action shot of a large animal in motion

A damp morning at Angkor Wat just after it rained

Pristine mountain wilderness shot right after a snow storm taken during a full moon

Great action shots of sports – perhaps half pipe skiing or snowboarding

Halong bay with limestone karsts and junk boats

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