Jul 29 2009

July Photo

Up on top of Mount Evans with friends we spotted two baby mountain goats. One was shy and hiding behind a rock, but this one allowed me to take some photos. The parents were not far away and were constantly watching to make sure I didn’t get too close. Once they stated heading my direction I had to leave, but before that I managed to get this shot.


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Jun 7 2009

Other Gallery

This park that I grew up with was picture perfect on this day. The sun was setting and the water was perfectly still to give me this perfect reflection of this pond at local park. A slight turn of my polarizer and there it was the perfecct reflection with every detail in the water.

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Apr 1 2009

March Photo

After a very dry beginning of March, the Colorado ski areas finally got over a foot of snow with a blizzard. They needed every inch of it. This was right after the storm subsided and there was still blowing snow atop of Loveland pass. Early in the morning, the sky was lit up with an orange-pink fire, blowing snow, and here were a few skiers that were all set to take advantage of the fresh powder and great conditions in Colorado.
Colorado Winter

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Nov 13 2008

Red Rocks

This photo was taken after running the stairs at Red Rocks amphitheater. As I was heading back to my car I noticed this scene and had to take a picture. The sky really was pink and by the time I had my camera ready the sky only intensified and left this amazing glow on the rocks.
Red Rocks Gallery

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Nov 7 2008

October Photo

On a very unusual crisp, clear and warm October night in Denver, this photo was taken of Union Station. Here I am trying to show another angle of a familiar landmark of Denver.

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Nov 5 2008


Even on a cloudy day the colors in Telluride just seem to be that much brighter, while The San Juan Mountain Range rises up out of nowhere for the full dramatic effect.

Telluride Gallery

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Nov 5 2008

Box Canyon Falls

Box Canyon Falls is a very unusual and beautiful spot just outside Ouray, Colorado. The water shoots down the cracks between rocks that it created into a pool of water has a incandescent blue color. It is almost otherworldly to descend into the canyon just to watch the water swirl and rush it’s way out of the canyon.
Box Canyon Falls Gallery

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Oct 24 2008

Great Sand Dunes

sand dunes

I really enjoyed the untouched beauty of the Great Sand Dunes. I tried to show the beauty in the shapes that occurred there naturally. The sky was clear and throughout the day the Sand Dunes would take on different shapes with the wind and shadows.
Sand Dunes Gallery

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Oct 21 2008

September Photo

This photo was taken in September in the evening at the Denver Center of Performing Arts in Denver, Colorado.  Seconds earlier this scene was void of people, but as a show had just gotten out, the underpass suddenly filled with a crowd and I was able to capture this shot.  The exposure time on this was 4 seconds, with an ISO of 100.  I enjoyed the effect turning people into almost ghost-like figures in this shot.

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