Dec 3 2008

November Photo

This photo of the Denver Capitol building I like for the framing of this picture. The tree and the arm of the tree that reaches up frames the top, while the walkway lighted by lamps provide framing on the left hand side. Between both of these I feel they draw your eye to the capitol building toped with the red light.
Denver Gallery

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Nov 7 2008

October Photo

On a very unusual crisp, clear and warm October night in Denver, this photo was taken of Union Station. Here I am trying to show another angle of a familiar landmark of Denver.

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Oct 24 2008



The San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most photographed places, but this my version. This evening shot with the bridge, at a diagonal, and the San Francisco Bay looking like chocolate in black and white.
California Gallery

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Oct 21 2008

September Photo

This photo was taken in September in the evening at the Denver Center of Performing Arts in Denver, Colorado.  Seconds earlier this scene was void of people, but as a show had just gotten out, the underpass suddenly filled with a crowd and I was able to capture this shot.  The exposure time on this was 4 seconds, with an ISO of 100.  I enjoyed the effect turning people into almost ghost-like figures in this shot.

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