Oct 24 2008


The Iguanas were complete hams on Isla Mujeres, Mexico. They were begging for more shots and it seemed they almost posed on demand both in downtown and around the island.

Deer and Rabbits – This was a fortunate experience. Hiking up at Red Rocks in the summer evening, as the sun was just starting to set, I came upon a dozen or more deer and over 18 rabbits as I hiked in one evening. With the warm afternoon light these are the results.

Black Bear – This was a juvenile black bear. It was late afternoon and this bear was looking for dinner. A few minutes later he threatened a fisherman who was cornered against a cliff and had nowhere to go besides in the river which unfortunately would not have helped him. Thankfully at the last minute (within 6 feet away) the bear backed down and retreated up the rocks and cliff where he came.

Orca/Killer Whales – while touring Prince William Sound I was fortunate to not only come a pod of Orca Whales, but instead there were at least 3 pods. As one came up and went back into the water another pod would start surfacing.

Salmon – I felt I had to include this shot as it was two salmon jumping. One was just re-entering the water as the other was at the peak of its jump and flipping. This was also taken in Prince William Sound Alaska.

Harbor Seals and Sea Otters – Both of these creatures seem to have human like personalities. They seem to talk to each other and it seems that you can read each emotion as if they were human. The Sea Otters were amazingly shy as we approached them on the icebergs in Prince William Sound.
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